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MTL사는 NIST 와 USEPA가 PM2.5 측정 기반을 확립하는 과정에서 기초 기술을 제공한 업체로써
현재는 미국 USEPA에 자동 항량 장치 및 자동 칭량 로보트, 표준 필터를 제공하는 업체입니다.

Mr. Dikken was trained in the field of metrology at NIST and has himself become an internationally recognized expert in the field, having published and presented numerous novel advances in the field in recent years.  Mr. Dikken first gained notoriety while serving as the Manager of the State of Minnesota's Metrology Laboratory that functioned as the primary laboratory for 200+ corporations worldwide. Because of the facility's expertise in mass, length, temperature, volume and density, the laboratory also came to be known as one of the top three state labs in the U.S. His experience also includes securing ANSI/NCSL Z540 accreditation for the lab and insuring adherence to the ISO 9000, ISO Guide 25 quality standards.  Mr. Dikken has served on numerous scientific boards, and is notably a member delegate of NCSL.  Mr. Dikken's ability to relate with clients from around the world along with his technical expertise serves the company well as its head.


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